Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Details: If footnotes were buttons

Left from here, right from here

We have all heard the saying: the devil is in the details. Well today I am proof-reading an article I have had accepted for publication (which is very exciting and I will write more on it soon!). It feels more like the details are the devil. I am wrangling my footnotes into in-text citations and combing over commas: it is not a lot of fun. More than that; I am completely rubbish at noticing these little mistakes, so it takes all my energy to weed them out!

I have been bribing myself with Etsy-breaks. Like a 2-year old and a lolly jar: "if I just do this page, I can have 10mins on Etsy!" The strange thing about my Etsy-wanderings, is that it is the details I relish! This navy blue number has been on my wish-list for AGES! Not because I need another navy blue dress, but because I just adore that little polka-dot peek-a-boo underskirt that you can only just catch in the third image. I can just imagine the thrilling flash of that contrast underskirt on a swing-out!

A sneaky pocket; the perfect pleat; a touch of embroidery; clever cut-outs; collars; bows and beautiful buttons - all details that capture me and mean my Etsy favourites-list is ever expanding. In clothing, those little details seem to lift a simple dress into something special. And yet when it comes to my writing, I just can't find that same enthusiasm.


  1. Hahahahha procrastination is the best thing! It's not the same when you're like me (currently unemployed and have time to browse Etsy all the time). It's just not as special!! :) I do love your attention to details. I often fall for colors first, then cut, then details :)

  2. Well at least wrangling with footnotes results in these lovely quirky blog posts for us to enjoy!!!!


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