Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lounge suit

I finally got around to re-covering our couch and hiding the strange yellow cover that came with it. I have never done upholstery before, so it involved a lot of guess work. I ended up with loads of left-over fabric. So I did what any self-respecting person would, and made a matching dress! Now I just need to make a matching waist coat for Mr. O and we will be a matching set!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Details: If footnotes were buttons

Left from here, right from here

We have all heard the saying: the devil is in the details. Well today I am proof-reading an article I have had accepted for publication (which is very exciting and I will write more on it soon!). It feels more like the details are the devil. I am wrangling my footnotes into in-text citations and combing over commas: it is not a lot of fun. More than that; I am completely rubbish at noticing these little mistakes, so it takes all my energy to weed them out!

I have been bribing myself with Etsy-breaks. Like a 2-year old and a lolly jar: "if I just do this page, I can have 10mins on Etsy!" The strange thing about my Etsy-wanderings, is that it is the details I relish! This navy blue number has been on my wish-list for AGES! Not because I need another navy blue dress, but because I just adore that little polka-dot peek-a-boo underskirt that you can only just catch in the third image. I can just imagine the thrilling flash of that contrast underskirt on a swing-out!

A sneaky pocket; the perfect pleat; a touch of embroidery; clever cut-outs; collars; bows and beautiful buttons - all details that capture me and mean my Etsy favourites-list is ever expanding. In clothing, those little details seem to lift a simple dress into something special. And yet when it comes to my writing, I just can't find that same enthusiasm.