Thursday, September 12, 2013

When I grow up I want to be a...

I am in the final stretch of my PhD journey. I am not entirely sure how long the stretch will go for, but lets all hope it is sooner rather than later. Getting down to my writing and really immersing myself in my work has made me want to write more about it. I have fallen out of the practice of blogging, partly because instagram is a quick and easy way to document my aesthetic interests, and partly because I found the writing part of blogging a bit boring. I never really felt like I had much to say except: Here! Look! Pictures!

Now I do feel like I have things to say, and ideas to think through. I also have bits and pieces of writing hidden away in notebooks that I might post up. And who knows? Maybe even some pretty pictures?

I attended the wonderful 2-day symposium on Presenting the Past this week as part of NSW History Week. I really enjoyed hearing more about how to bring history to broader audiences.

I left with butterflies in my tummy. Partly because the speakers were great and inspiring. But partly because it made me realize just how many different ways I could use this PhD when I finish. I often wonder what I want to be when I ‘grow up’. I would love to work in museums, in education, in academia, archives, libraries. After coming back from my fellowship at the V&A, I have felt fairly certain that museums are in my future. But the symposium made me realize there are lots of other exciting ways to bring research to broader audiences: Public history writing and presenting, documentaries on TV or radio, historical fiction and of course social media.

It’s pretty exciting stuff, but also completely daunting and competitive. I almost wish someone would come along, assess my skill set and point me off in the best direction. So I am all ears! When I grow up I want to be a.... ?


  1. Good luck - and I am sure that whatever you do you'll be wonderful!
    This came to mind when I read your thoughts

    1. Hahaha - perfect! Thank you for the link!


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