Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dance dress! Dance!

Something has happened over the last few months. Where I used to look at a dress and think: Oooh pretty! And occasionally follow up with some sensible questions like: Will it feel nice to wear? Will it wash/ iron? And do I have the undergarments/accesories necessary to pull it off?

I now think: Will it dance?

I have recently joined the Harbour City Hoppers - a swing dance troupe - and find myself dancing more  and more. This means needing to be suitably attired for dancing, and thinking much more about how clothes move. Ladies, big circle skirts are such fun to spin in - but require bloomers or petticoats (particularly when dancing in public!!) Big skirts are also heavy! And hide the fancy shapes those legs make! The synthetic fabric that requires so little care, sweats like hell on the dance floor! The discoveries go on and on...

This has lead me to sew more, and think about making garments that allow movement, while still creating the silhouette I love. Would you guys be interested in reading more about my sewing adventures?

The photos are some snaps from last year (from here and here!) at the Melbourne Lindy Exchange.