Monday, February 18, 2013

Something blue

Yesterday Mr. O and I celebrated our engagement with small afternoon tea. We had some very talented friends take photos, so I will be posting shots soon. Right now I wanted to show you what I wore. A sweet little '50s dress with the BEST pockets! I just love it. We snapped these shots after everyone had left - too tired to realise they had come out a bit blurry - but you get the gist! 

 And the man behind the camera ... being very very serious.


  1. Oh, the detailing on that dress is magnificent! Your hair 'do is gorgeous as well, with the flowers in the back roll. Love it all! And congratulations!!

  2. Ahhh you two are too cute! I love that dress - the pockets and the collars.. beautiful!


  3. I love that detailing in pockets, looks awesome !:) very pretty dress and YOU!

  4. Huge congratulations from over the seas in New Zealand! X x x


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