Thursday, February 21, 2013

Velvet Valentines with Old Hat

This week I had the very great pleasure of attending my first Old Hat event; a Vintage Velvet Valentine. It was such fun to meet such lovely folk, all sweating it out in their velvet best. It was a lovely night, even if Sydney weather didn't quite provide for velvet-lovers in February.

And for those playing at home - go wild: Emma, Jesse and Tim, Renata, Regan

Monday, February 18, 2013

Something blue

Yesterday Mr. O and I celebrated our engagement with small afternoon tea. We had some very talented friends take photos, so I will be posting shots soon. Right now I wanted to show you what I wore. A sweet little '50s dress with the BEST pockets! I just love it. We snapped these shots after everyone had left - too tired to realise they had come out a bit blurry - but you get the gist! 

 And the man behind the camera ... being very very serious.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Summer drive

These are a few shots from the driving trip I took with Mr.O late last year. We explored some really pretty parts of the state and had long wandering conversations as we drove. Now we are both back at work - this seems a world away! 

 Ian with his favourite element at Questacon

 The lizard we encountered before the terrifying snake. I was too busy fleeing to catch a shot of the snake!

 Natural hot springs

 Yarangobilly caves and the Glory hole - such a stunning sight!