Monday, December 17, 2012


 We are just back from a few days driving around the state. We stopped at roadside fruit stalls and ate our weight in cherries; wandered through eerie caves and survived a bushwalking encounter with a big black snake! In Young we stopped and picked some apricots and snapped a few photos in their pretty orchards.

This dress is a funny little '80s number from my local op shop. It is synthetic and has a seriously high neckline - both things I usually avoid, but for some reason it just seems to work with this one. I have a feeling this one will soon be on high rotation.



  1. That second last pic is th cutest! You look great, and it's almost making me wish I was back in summer.... Almost :)

  2. Yuuuummmm! Did you eat them raw or make them into something!?

  3. That dress is so gorgeous, it has a such 30s/40s look to it! Where about in Australia are you? I'm in Brisbane :)

  4. Fantastic outfit, love the combination! And the pictures too. It makes me miss the summer.


  5. Such stunning shots & outfit :)
    Just lush!

    Happy new yea :)

  6. I Love this pink dress! You are so beautiful dear! Kisssssss from Madrid!


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