Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fred's fine art

Last Tuesday Frederick and I ventured out to meet some friends and see some art at the Biennale of Sydney. Fred loves contemporary art. I tend to be more ambivalent, but I always love cockatoo island, and this year did not dissapoint. Paper guns; consuming mists and a mound of oysters with tea cups: what a show! And a terrific way to spend a Tuesday.


  1. oooh man this place looks SO COOL! I appreciate all the photos of your fun adventures lately.

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  2. Oh Bec, the photos of you in the fog are perfect!

  3. What a interesting place to visit. Lovely.

    About your answear to my blogpost: It is indeed a huge challenge (even if I think this comes natural to some people, others though have to work harder), and I guess it takes years to even realise that you got to have an unique voice. And indeed as you say, you got to consider your audience. It is hard, but trying to be myself as much as possible is what I try to do on my blog.

  4. love your hair! you should put some tutorial for it, looks pretty amazing!


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