Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well it has been a little while now hasn't it? How should we do this then? Shall I apologise for being gone? Tell you I've missed you terribly? Rant about the half-written posts I write in my mind, that somehow never make it to the screen? Or the countless photos that clog my memory card (and the many more that didn't seem to get taken at all)?

No no, let's just have a quick hello and photographic reminiscence of a certain wine tasting in the Barossa I was lucky enough to take a few weeks ago while in Adelaide. It was a stunning sunny winters day filled with stunning scenery, a delightful tour guide and plenty of wine!


  1. Bec that looks brill - and so good to have you 'back' Gill

  2. That looks like a lovely place. That is a winery then where you did your wine tasting? I look forward to seeing what else is on that memory card!!!

  3. Looks lovely, so peaceful. Also, I LOVE your glasses; the shape, the colour, they're my dream frames. Very jealous!


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