Monday, August 27, 2012

'50s Fair - Part One

Yesterday Sam and I tottered off the annual '50s fair at Rose Seidler House. Long-time readers may remember I went a couple of years ago, and again it was a blast. There were beautiful shops to sift through and beautiful people to watch. We took almost 200 photos! So I think I will pop up another post or two with some of the other snaps soon. 

Sam went in blue and black, and I put together a purple and bone ensemble. I pretty much decided I wanted to wear this hat, and dug through my wardrobe to fine the bit to match. 


  1. Oh how fantastic! Your dress is so sweet :) Looks so much fun!

  2. what a fun day - you all look fab

  3. Oh wow!!! How pretty! Look at you dancing! how great!

  4. Gorgeous! You both look spectacular (I'm surprised I missed you on the day)! x

  5. Just adore the dress. You look fabulous!

  6. I had a good look at all the posts I have been missing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Adorable, my dear Rebeccak.

  7. Those glasses look beautiful on you

    xo laura


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