Tuesday, August 28, 2012

50's Fair - Part Two

You might have noticed that I quite like history. I spend my days reading and writing it, my nights dancing it and almost all of the time dressing it. Events like the '50s Fair make me really excited to be undertaking historical research. What a joy to see so many people enthusiastically exploring historic aesthetics and spending their Sunday in and around an icon of Australian mid-century domestic architecture; Rose Siedler House!

And yet, I found some aspects a little disappointing. It seemed like a ripe opportunity to teach visitors something about the house; or about our social, cultural or design heritage. Yet I did not encounter any discussion of architectural history and found no educational material available for perusal.

I won't pretend I didn't enjoy the spectacle of the event. You all know how much I love mid-century fashion! I loved to see how other people interpret 50's dress; the bands and dancing and fashion parade were all wonderful fun... but what about the house that inspired the whole business and moved over two thousand people to schlep out to Waroonga for a day? There were no tours, no talks, no pamphlets or explanations of the architecture or design. One might be forgiven for forgetting the building was there! It felt like a lost opportunity.

I would have loved a guided tour of the house; or a talk offering some insight into the design; a pamphlet helping me to understand Siedler's vision, or why this was so significant in Australia at the time? I can dress up and dance anywhere in town. I wish the Historic Houses Trust would make more of this captive audience next year and send us home with a better understanding of what Rose Siedler House meant in its historical context.

Monday, August 27, 2012

'50s Fair - Part One

Yesterday Sam and I tottered off the annual '50s fair at Rose Seidler House. Long-time readers may remember I went a couple of years ago, and again it was a blast. There were beautiful shops to sift through and beautiful people to watch. We took almost 200 photos! So I think I will pop up another post or two with some of the other snaps soon. 

Sam went in blue and black, and I put together a purple and bone ensemble. I pretty much decided I wanted to wear this hat, and dug through my wardrobe to fine the bit to match. 

Monday, August 20, 2012


I have finally joined the wonderful world of little pictures. If you feel like seeing glimpses of the world as I see it, you can find me as 'black_swans_pond'


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fred's fine art

Last Tuesday Frederick and I ventured out to meet some friends and see some art at the Biennale of Sydney. Fred loves contemporary art. I tend to be more ambivalent, but I always love cockatoo island, and this year did not dissapoint. Paper guns; consuming mists and a mound of oysters with tea cups: what a show! And a terrific way to spend a Tuesday.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Botanical Banquet

Months ago now, I met up with Georgia and we braved the torrential rain and went out into the night.

We ate dumplings and soup.
Then wandered up steep stairs to see drawings and dresses by the ever-lovely Caitlin Shearer.

(photo of me by Georgia)
We sampled her temporary tattoos

And were transported by the musical stylings of Rainbow Chan. It was a wonderful night - more like this please universe!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well it has been a little while now hasn't it? How should we do this then? Shall I apologise for being gone? Tell you I've missed you terribly? Rant about the half-written posts I write in my mind, that somehow never make it to the screen? Or the countless photos that clog my memory card (and the many more that didn't seem to get taken at all)?

No no, let's just have a quick hello and photographic reminiscence of a certain wine tasting in the Barossa I was lucky enough to take a few weeks ago while in Adelaide. It was a stunning sunny winters day filled with stunning scenery, a delightful tour guide and plenty of wine!