Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sit and be still

Ian and I escaped the city for a few days before we started back at Uni. We made a few stops along the South Coast, popping into op shops (or thrift stores - if you like?) in order to furnish our new apartment. 

First stop was the Kiama Blowhole. But alas, it did not blow. 

You mightn't believe it, but is was incredibly windy. These photos make it look still and serene. I love the way photography can transform a memory with visual trickery. I wonder how many false memories I have collected by flipping through photo albums and recounting the tales they signify?

Outfit details:
Top - markets
skirt - vintage fair
belt - vintage fair
shoes - Melissa
hair flower - DIY clip made from a junk shop flower.


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  2. Wow, that first image is a-mazing! Love your outfit, as usual :)

    I find the whole idea of false memories fascinating too.
    Sometimes I catch myself thinking "my Mom always said -insert English idiom- while I was growing up" and then I realize - hold on a minute, that's not right, she doesn't speak English.. doh.

  3. looks idyllic - I really must come to Australia some time!

  4. Until I read your outfit details I was convinced you were wearing a dress and not separates. What a perfect match (not to mention perfect shade of green).

    Visual trickery and false memories are good ways to exercise one's imagination, are they not? Well, so long as they don't delude reality!


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