Sunday, February 5, 2012

Marly and Me

My dear friend Marlene has been floating through this part of the world recently, and stopped in Sydney for a few days for a catch-up. We met at uni and got on like a house-on-fire. We both got jobs at a florist and spent hours coming up with weird and wonderful floral creations. She is incredibly creative and has a wicked imagination. She also has really great style. How sweet is that Anthropologie dress?!

We went for a wonder down to Vaucluse House and had coffee in the tea rooms.

Then ventured down the muddy harbour foreshore walk, and up past Strickland House.

 It was such a wonderful day - just a shame the world is so big and we have to live on either side of it!


  1. Looks so very beautiful down there - and warm and balmy. Great photos

  2. Can I please have your friends' dress? pretty please?

  3. great blog! i really like your pictures <3


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