Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ira Glass

In 2008 two wonderful things happened: 1. My brother gave me an iPod for my birthday, and 2. Kerryn sent me this URL. After podcasting the most recent episode (Breakup - in case you were wondering) I was hooked. (I then spent my evenings on the couch running through the This American Life archives like a crazy lady). Radio is such a wonderful medium - it has this way of getting into your head in an incredible personal and meaningful way - and none do it better than Ira and the TAL team. 

Last week we got to go and see the man himself, Ira Glass, live at the Town Hall for Sydney Festival. It was so inspiring to hear him speak about how they put the show together. He explained the formula they use for constructing stories (action - action - idea), and illustrated it with examples to show how it can work for a huge range of different stories. I left feeling totally inspired. This is the sort of thing I can use for my thesis writing! I am constantly working to make my research accessible and entertaining - I can't wait to infuse a little Ira into it!

We started with beers in the lovely summer light.
If you squint super hard you can see Alyce's amazing cat-flying-on-a-broom brooch, I love that she paired it with leopard print - cat cat cat! 

It is no surprise that half the world seemed to show up for Mr.Glass. On my way in I bumped into Kayla who writes - The F Tangent. Strangely enough I didn't notice her awesome shoes till I was uploading this photo. I seem to run through this world in a state of semi-blindness!
Then I met up with Kerryn and Meredith and we lined up with great anticipation.
 more anticipation and the lovely insides of our grand old town hall.

 Ira mixed his talk with music and clips from the show - all live on stage using an iPad. Pretty swish!


  1. Ohhh cool! Sydney festival really does get good people coming through!

  2. Lovely photos Bec! I was absolutely kicking myself for not bringing my camera along to this. Thanks for the link, and my shoes thank you for the kind compliment.

  3. I love Ira Glass SO much. I think he's dreamy.

  4. I love hearing people's expressions on the Radio. - it's a beautiful art.

    love your pictures!!!

    sending you happy spells


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