Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sydney Swing

I got really into Swing dancing while I was in London. It was the perfect thing to do each evening to shake off the dust of the archives. 

This week Swing Patrol's twice monthly social dance night hosted a live band. So Ian and I shined up our dance shoes for some Sydney Swing. We were in such a rush to get out the door (I am always in a rush to get out the door - how do I always run so late?) that we only took a couple of shots in the garden. But they give you the general idea!

It was a really great night. Ian proved to be a most wonderful dance partner (remembering steps we haven't practices in months!) and I also got to twirl around the dance floor with some new faces. I still find social dancing just a tiny bit terrifying, but each time I go, it gets a little easier.

 Outfit Details:
dress worn as top - EIIE (a gorgeous little rockabilly shop with made-to-measure, that has sadly closed down)
skirt - Tulle
shoes - Aris Allen
hat and card - vintage


  1. Gorgeous outfit! That "dress-as-top" looks nice!

  2. You look lovely, I love the whole outfit, but especially the shoes! <3

  3. Beautiful outfit, and I have to say I love your hair and make up in these pictures! :)

  4. I love how it looks in the last shot the most!


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