Thursday, October 27, 2011

Prim in purple

One afternoon after wandering through the National Gallery, I was approached by a Polish photographer, who asked if he could take my photo. I was pretty chuffed - not the sort of thing that happens everyday! I am really excited about the results! Thank you to Konrad for sending me the photos. I would love to have a professional photographer follow me around and make me look this good all the time!

I am wearing one of my favourite summer dresses and my new '50s half-hat from Absolute Vintage.

All photographs by Konrad-


  1. I understand why that photographer wanted to take pictures of you. That outfit is so gorgeous on you! I don't have anything purple, but now I really feel like getting something in that color. The hat looks amazing too! I've been approached by people who wants to take pics of me too - in my "weird" vintage clothes :) Everyone seems to appreciate the vintage look so much. It's strange not more people wears it. I guess they're afraid to be different... :)

  2. Oh you look so pretty! I love this dress.

  3. Fabulous photos! Beautiful lady :-)

  4. How flattering to be approached like that! You look beautiful!

  5. Sorry to be late on this, but I have to applaud the gorgeous photos and compliment the dress whose color-combination is so intriguing: I've never seen those two hues together before. You look great.


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