Saturday, October 8, 2011

Be a bear

Way back at the start of my trip, I spent a brilliant day with my brother exploring Berkeley. I think the pictures really say it all - it was a wonderful day.

I wore my favourite summer dress that you have all seen before, with my new Naot sandals. These shoes are THE most comfy things in the world. Seriously - pure magic.


  1. It was fun!

    On the note of the NL parking sign, earlier this week they announced the Nobel prizes for this year and one went to a Berkeley Professor. The next day they had a ceremony here, which included them giving him his parking pass:

  2. so cute! i love this :)


  3. Of course you are getting closer to summer as we are to autumn and winter.
    Love your dress, and getting to see a little bit of your life.
    Much love dear Rebeccak.


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