Monday, October 17, 2011

All Light All Shadow

I am so so excited to tell you about ALAS and the release of their first collection! You may remember I posted about Betony and Kelly's exhibition of sustainable up cycled designs at Gaffa a few months ago. Well the lovely duo have taken their commitment to sustainable and ecologically friendly design and developed a collection of pyjamas, pretty enough to be worn by day as well as night.

It is so exciting to see Bet and Kelly transform their dream into a reality. They have worked so hard - juggling day jobs, social life and artistic careers with this new venture, fuelled by their passion for great sustainable design. It is really heart warming to see that there is such interest contemporary design that is committed to preserving our planet.

I know many of you became interested in vintage clothing as a way of cutting down your carbon footprint. But many of us find it impractical to wear 100% vintage, 100% of the time. So if you've been looking for some soft cotton night-things, be sure to check out their shop.

All photos from ALAS


  1. I love the idea of patterned shorts! It's not something I've ever thought to try before.

  2. Oh so adorable that! I really liked the first set, that pyjamas was extraordinary, and that it is organic makes it just all the better. Going to hint to my husband now that I want this. Thanks for the tip!

    And on your comment to me, I think that those garnments did not fit me so well, but I am working hard with ways to learn how to appreciate my wardrobe in an entire new way.

  3. A sailor shirt with bloomers! Yihar granpa!

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