Thursday, September 29, 2011

A walk and a swing

Last weekend we got up bright and early and tottered out to West London for a walking meet-up.
We went past sculptural trees against sunny skies.
Through scrubby industrial back-paths.

Past picturesque scenes of Sunday serenity.
And along the river.
Beth was there in luminous red, while Rachel led the way.
And I attempted to put together an outfit that could both walk by day and swing by night.

 It was such beautiful scenery. In fact, we went through the area where William Morris' Mill once stood. No wonder so many of his designs were based on the wonderful designs found in nature.
After walking almost 9 miles (!) I hurried over for a spot of swing dancing at Swing Pit.
But everyone danced so fast they couldn't be caught! Except the wonderfully glamorous DJ, who was so kind to pose for me. This was only the third time I have been out social dancing. Once I got over the sheer terror of trying to follow some incredibly impressive leads, I had a lot of fun! I still feel like a baby beginner swing dancer, but it seems the best way to learn, is to dive into the deep end!


  1. That is a super cool leather backpack.

  2. Are those new boots? New shoes are great!


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