Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little John and a light from above

Well hello there time-travellers. I hope you enjoy this little leap into the present. I have heaps more to share from the rest of my time in America, but am bursting to share photos from the most wonderful weekend I have just had. I went up to Sheffield to stay with some friend's of Ian's mother. They took me to a few of the many local historic sites that were all stunningly beautiful.

After a delicious lunch in town, we took the scenic route home, stopping a charming little church in the countryside where Little John from Robin Hood is buried!!

I have so many photos I am splitting them up! So stay tuned for part II - Saltaire.

 Old church and cute little gargoyles.
 Wandering through the perfectly kept cemetery. I wore my new Pendlelton skirt from 'Decades of Fashion' in SF.
And on our drive we saw this ^ ! Clearly someone over in that field had done something miraculous!


  1. Lovely skirt! And that last photo, really stunning! :D

  2. I love that last picture! And look, you're wandering around a graveyard too!

    P.S. I bought my shoes last year, but I definitely saw the same ones in the shops this year!

  3. Wonderful photos!! I am in love with the last one and also love the ones in the grave yard. How cool you got to visit Little John's grave site.

  4. last photo = England's sun for the year

  5. I love what you did with your hair, really pretty

  6. In love with the fourth picture, you look very had-oc with the place you visited :)

  7. Wow! Amazing light :)

    Little John reminds me how I won a game of charades in one question once. "Am I real or fictional?" All the mainland Europeans said fictional, all the Englishers said real.. Who else but Robin Hood?

  8. That last photo is stunning! Lovely skirt, too.

    P.S. I enjoyed your post about the free swing dancing lessons in SF. That must have been great fun :)


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