Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jane on the Moors

After my Bronte adventures last weekend, it seemed fitting to go and see Jane Eyre this weekend. So after a lovely day of market-wanderings (post to follow shortly), I whisked myself of to the cinema. The thing is, I have never been to the movies by myself before. It always seemed like a social thing, an excuse for an outing with friends. So off I went, on my own, to watch Jane Eyre.

It was stunning, completely beautiful - such magnificent photography. But the story is still sad! It is hear-breaking to watch poor Jane struggle through life, alone and lonely. When I got up to leave, rugged up in my shawl and out in the cold windy night, I could't help feel a little Jane-like, facing the Saturday night cinema crowd alone, then trudging up the hill, nose running in the night air. So when I got home, I rushed to my computer and skyped my 'Mr. Rochester'.


  1. Well Bec - it was filmed in locations all around were we were last week! Haddon Hall was the main one, some in Chatsworth, Froggatt Edge (that amazing edge we drove under on the Sunday after Chatsworth), North Lees Hall (near the Hathersage vicarage that we couldn't quite see for the trees), Stannage Edge - the climbing edge we drove along the bottomn of for miles on Friday (before the celestial light moment!) .... You will have to return

  2. hehe great to hear you got to see it :) Skype rules

  3. Glad you enjoyed the film. Thank you for sourcing the photo from my review! I must say that I am completely in love with Michael Fassbender...


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