Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We're heading back in time just briefly - to last Sunday, when Gill and Mike took me to Chatsworth House. It is a spectacular stately home owned, lived in and preserved by the Duke of Devonshire. It has belonged to the family since 1549 and has been added to and altered with the most magnificent art and opulent ornament since then.
 The main entrance hall is completely overwhelming with gilding, carvings and paintings everywhere.
Here is Mike using one of the nifty little mirrors they provide for viewing the ceiling, so you don't have to strain your neck to see it. I can just imagine gaggles of gorgeous ladies subtly angling their compacts to have this effect back in the day. (When did mirror compacts first go into production anyway? Late 19thC?)
 Yep... that's the top of the stairwell folks!
 Totally mind-blowing wood carvings of flowers and trophies of the hunt.
I just adored this decorated screen - can't you just see a 16 year old girl carefully cutting flowers from books and magazines a century ago? Like 19thC Polyvore!
Japanese wall papers. My next apartment I want these... EVERYWHERE!
 Just one of the many stunning sculptures. I was terribly impressed with the drapery effect over the face. It hurts my brain to think that someone actually chipped this out of stone!
Ok kids, so you have about 10 months till my next birthday... one of these please!
 And then the grounds.... we didn't have long to explore - but they just seem to go on for days. In fact if anyone else is a fan of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, they used parts of Chatsworth for scenes in and around Darcy's house.

Outfit details:
coat - vintage
skirt - charity shop and altered by me
blouse - London designer sample sale
cardigan - Lonon vintage fair
shoes - Dansko (new! And oh-so-comfy!)
As we were driving home, a riding school came trotting over the hill. It was wonderfully picturesque against this backdrop, particularly since the girls were all in traditional riding gear. Check out those tweed blazers and velvet-covered hats! Sure beats the dirty plastic things I used to wear on the occasional riding adventure.


  1. Brilliant photos, my dear Rebeccak.

  2. Amazing pictures! Love the 19th century polyvore :D Nothing ever really changes hehe

    Awesome coat and such a lovely skirt too :)

  3. Oh, how gorgeous!! I just can never get over the idea that people lived in homes like these; it sure would be incredibly fun to have the run of that place, hehe!
    And you're looking lovely in plum; your elegant outfit compliments the background quite nicely!!

  4. You look wonderful and also I'm loving these posts of your travels. I'm a history nerd and love spending afternoons touring old homes. This one looks marvelous!!

  5. Chatsworth! Yes! I will eventually make it there, too, after visiting Yorkshire ;)

    There is only one word for that stag chandelier: amazing!

    I've been admiring your purple coat these last few posts. It's beautiful.

  6. Ah how wonderful! I've heard so much about Chatworth but have never been... and those wood carvings are spectacular!


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