Friday, August 19, 2011

Hip hip horaay!

 Last weekend I had a little belated birthday shindig - it feels like a world away now that I am in SF! It was a wonderful night with yummy food and wonderful company.
Georgia and me in the bookstore/tapas bar/cafe you might remember from this post, marvelling over books on crystals.
Ian and Eszter making mischief.
A sassy Sophia.
The gorgeous Tom and Emma.

Sophies sleeve (which feel like a book/band title/name) How great is that print? Deer, deer, deer WOLF!
Thanks to everyone who came along - best birthday ever!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mie blues

I have been a bit slow posting these photos, taken a few weeks ago on my birthday weekend. After dinner with my family on my special day, Ian and I rolled up the mountains for dinner with his family where I was spoiled all over again.

We took these at one of the bazillion lookouts around Katoomba. The scenery is absurdly beautiful. The mountains stretch into the distance, or seem to float away under fog on a misty day. I was unconsciously channeling the 'mie scattering' effect that gives the mountains their blue-green colour palette.

Also a quick note to let you know I will be travelling to San Francisco, New York and London over the next two months. I have been in touch with some of you already, but if anyone wants to meet up in your neck of the woods please let me know!

Outfit details:
dress - vintage via ebay
coat - a tiny little place at the bottom of the QVB
tights - tights please
shoes - gentle soul
bag - glebe markets

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Temple of Knowledge

 Ian and I attended a university event last week, held in the great hall, one of the Sydney University's oldest buildings. I love this space - not just for its important place in Australian education history (and yes, that does excite me), or the wonderful Gothic revival architecture - but for the way my experience of it has changed throughout my life. I remember daydreaming through my sister's orchestral concerts, counting the number of pieces in each stain glass window; or imagining great medieval costumes balls I would hold, during family graduations; and now more recently the great excitement of prospective students at 'entering hogwarts' as I lead them through it on campus tours. Its age and style commands such respect and seems to give such a sense of connection to our heritage. The tapestry behind me is also a treat to view, as it is normally hidden behind a curtain.

This is my man Charles William - totally love this guy. I will rant about his house more at a later date.
Outfit details:
dress - Ojay
cardi - kmart
scarf - gift from my folks
shoes - gentle soul

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Transparent Seams at Gaffa

 Last week my lovely friends and incredibly talented designers, Kelly and Betony, opened a show of up-cycled fashion at Gaffa Gallery as part of Sydney Design Festival. They collected piles of old unwanted cloths and transformed them into stunning new pieces (and a super awesome rainbow pyramid!). There was also a workshop, showing people how to re-invent their own old clothes. This exhibition (and very soon their new label) was about sustainable, ethical fashion. I think most people who read this regularly are pretty thrifty and committed to these sustainable fashion ideals, but it is exciting to see some artistic and commercial ventures that share and promote this mind-set. Check out  Kelly's blog - transparent seams for more on ethical fashion.

I wore my up-cycled curtain dress, but was too engrossed in the exhibition to get any good shots. Besides, Bet and Kelly's creations are far more exciting. Do look closely at Bet's shirt below - it is made of three men's dress shirts and two collars have become sleeves - genius! The show is on till August 6th.