Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fish, birds and butterflies

 Last night we braved the cold and rainy night to share in the great pleasure of opening Rob Yee's second solo show at TIGHT. Rob does the most amazing illustrations - both beautiful and very funny - you can check out his blog to see more, or pop along to the exhibition that runs for two weeks.
 I wore a dress I found ages ago - it was a huge '80s prom dress with a full length skirt. I finally got around to chopping it down to a more wearable length. I really love it now - it makes me feel a little bit like grandma Yetta and has the greatest squirrel/peacock/llama creatures on it.

Outfit details:
Dress - thrifted
coat - my sister's
cardi - k-mart
tights - ?
shoes - Naot
bag - Myer
And when you move it looks like this:


  1. I'm such a sucker for novelty prints... love the print on that dress! And I rather like those gaping, gasping fish, too!

  2. Such an adorable dress, I really like all of the animals in the pattern. And those fishes was funny. :)

  3. Was the last photo intentional, or a creative use of an accidental photo? :-)

  4. great photos! you look amazing in that gorgeous dress!

  5. What a pretty dress! And I love when we re-purpose clothes, giving them a second life.

  6. fish monster so cute hehehe its like Piranha, and your duck-detail dress so adorable, black and gold, just perfait


  7. Those fish look like they're scared they'll share in Goldie's fate.. and this dress is a real stunner on you :) Gorgeous!

  8. Wow, usually "'80s prom dress" just sounds... not wearable, haha, but I love this little frock!! What a nifty print.

  9. The art looks beautiful! And I am so impressed by the revamp of the dress. The pattern is just SPECTACULAR. Beautiful!

  10. ha, that's so cool, thanks for including the 'moving' image ;)


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