Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Winter woolies

Yesterday we tried to take advantage of those last precious hours of daylight with a walk down to the bay (when do the days start getting longer again??). It was such a lovely crisp evening.

This is one version of on my go-to outfit for winter: boots, wool tights, wool skirt, layers on top and a scarf. This cardigan is one I bought from the anglicare depot, and probably cost $1-2? It originally had massive shoulder pads and was lemon yellow. I ditched the padding, took in the excess shoulder-age and dyed it. It was the first time I have dyed wool. I was so impressed by how well it took up the colour. I wasn't really going for such a bright orange (the pack said mustard!), so I might have another go and try to darken it a little.

Outfit Details:
Scarf - girl from my folks
Top - Supre
cardi - thrifted
skirt - thrifted
tights - yellow (underneath) Sportsgirl, white (on top) Forever New
Boots - Nu and Nan


  1. Maybe it's just the light in these photos, but it looks very mustard-y to me.

  2. That first pic is so cute! Lovely outfit!

  3. Oh my i love your boots!
    Haha maybe you can give him some styling advice? :D


  4. Beautiful photos, as always Rebecca! And I'm always amazed at the effort people put into their thrifted clothes. Cutting out shoulder pads I will do, but mending and dying? Not for me. It looks great though!

  5. you're cute!

    (i'm happy i got you back to swing dancing, it's one of the best things i know) <3

  6. Your photos always look amazing. And isn't winter the most annoying time of year for a style blogger? Summer was a long time coming up in the north:) And you did a great job on that sweater!

  7. It is very simple to dye your eyebrows! Just remember to not leave it on for too long cause it will stain your skin...
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  8. Love the first picture. It reminds me of Alice as she first discovers Wonderland. :)

  9. Aw, this outfit is so beautiful! The colours are so lovely and autumnal. I miss the Anglicare Depot too! There's nothing like that over here in NZ D:

  10. Your outfit (dare I say) make me miss my winter wools! I am loving the plaid skirt and your comfy scarf. Looking ever so lovely lady! xx

  11. The first photo is darling. herCatwalk thinks it's Alice, for me, it's Mary from the Secret Garden. Mustard looks good on you and tempts me to try the colour. :D

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  12. Love the look and what you did with that pretty cardi! Gorgeous spash of colour :)


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