Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clarinet and kitty cat

This is what I wore to perform in an eisteddfod with my band this week. I rarely wear all black anymore, but I used to! Almost everything I owned in high school was black.
We wandered down the garden path, and under the over-grown hedge...

 And met Mr.Josh!
My favorite neighbour. He likes to visit for pats and cuddles.
 Such a sweet fluff ball.
 Outfit details:
dress - borrowed from mum's wardrobe (thanks mum!)
belt - thrifted
tights - tights please
slip (so nicely displayed by my cat-holding below) - skimpy Supre dress
hair bow - one of Ian's bow ties


  1. The cut of this dress is perfect for you! And that cat looks so freakin' fluffy! What a beast.

  2. That dress is such a cutie, looks great on you :)
    Aww that cat!

  3. Hello. Thanks for stopping by my blog. If your interested in self-photography check out Hello Monkeyface's "Self-Caught" ... very useful.

    Kelly xo
    Elegantly Academic

  4. i'm a clarinetist myself. or rather, i used to be - it's been a few years since i picked it up.

    you look very chic in black and your kitty is unbelievably cute!

  5. Beautiful dress-- you look so elegant!
    You're almost upstaged by that kitty, though; what a funny ball of fluff!

  6. You and your clarinet match so perfectly together! I want to hear you play it though now!!!! My husband used to play it. Wish I could have heard him play too. Love your outfit! How did the performance go?

  7. I love your dress and the kitty is a wonderful accessory...hehee.. How sweet that he comes and visits you:)

  8. Aww, Mr. Josh! What a great face he has! I would imagine his long hair didn't match too well with the all-black outfit, but pretty sure it was worth it!

  9. My dear Rebeccak, you look like a true force of nature. I love the pic where you are dazzled by the sun. Have a nice weekend.

  10. My, Mister Josh is a big guy! :D

    Looking lovely :)
    I was an all black teen as well for a while

  11. Two of my favourite things! Clarinets and cats! FTW, huzzah, etc!


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