Sunday, May 29, 2011

Green like an Iguana

The other night we went out for dumplings then to see the Sirens Big Band (the all female and totally awesome Sydney-based band). We went to Bamboo Dumpling Bar and ate a huge array of delicious dumplings, including chocolate dessert dumplings (which is that blurry brown thing at the end of my chopsticks!). It is a tiny little place, with lovely decor. Including our dining companion - Mr Iguana - who was seated right next to our table! (And conveniently, matched my ensemble)

I wore my new green velvet pencil-dress. It has a super awesome bolero-type-over-thingy, but it was too cold to wear without more layers. I really really love velvet, but tell me folks - how do you avoid the awkward scrunchy front I am sporting in the photo below? I was at the archives sitting down all day, then sitting at dinner, so by the time we took these photos it was seriously scrunchy. Are these dresses made only for standing?
Birdcages, bamboo and some inspirational  dumpling quotes.
Some of the lovely Sirens ladies.
And the over-layers. It's getting cold!!!
Apologies for the poor picture quality. My little compact does pretty well, but does find low light difficult. I need a DSLR, right? (right!?)


  1. I love that green dress of yours! Green is one of my favorite colors and this looks so pretty on you.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Chocolate dumplings! What a genius idea!

    Love the colour of your dress... my clothes do the scrunchy thing all the time, I don't thik there's really a way to avoid it... cursed wrinkly fabrics...

  3. I bet you had an awesome night! Sure looks like it!


  4. That dress is a gorgeous color! I think velvet tends to just be a bunchy fabric. I have the same issues too, but I just live with it I guess:)

  5. Oh, this place looks so pretty. I'm digging your velvet dress.

    xoxo mama wolf.

  6. sounds like a fantastic night out - I love your dress!

  7. Dumplings AND a big band? Sounds like a pretty awesome night! That dumpling place looks really cool too, I like the bird cages. You're making me want to visit Sydney!

  8. Ha, my velvet dress doesn't do that. Maybe it's because yours is fitted, more than the fabric itself.

    And you don't necessarily need a DSLR... you need a camera that takes good low-light pictures. I love my Sony Sure Shot in low light, and it's not expensive at all. My previous camera took appalling low light pictures. Also, you've got to hold it really steady. ; )

  9. Your green velvet dress looks so great, and I'm loving the dumpling restaurant's interior!
    My wiggle dresses always get all scrunched up too, no matter the material it seems... sure is a drag, I'd love to find a cure!

  10. loove that dress!!xx


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