Sunday, May 29, 2011

Green like an Iguana

The other night we went out for dumplings then to see the Sirens Big Band (the all female and totally awesome Sydney-based band). We went to Bamboo Dumpling Bar and ate a huge array of delicious dumplings, including chocolate dessert dumplings (which is that blurry brown thing at the end of my chopsticks!). It is a tiny little place, with lovely decor. Including our dining companion - Mr Iguana - who was seated right next to our table! (And conveniently, matched my ensemble)

I wore my new green velvet pencil-dress. It has a super awesome bolero-type-over-thingy, but it was too cold to wear without more layers. I really really love velvet, but tell me folks - how do you avoid the awkward scrunchy front I am sporting in the photo below? I was at the archives sitting down all day, then sitting at dinner, so by the time we took these photos it was seriously scrunchy. Are these dresses made only for standing?
Birdcages, bamboo and some inspirational  dumpling quotes.
Some of the lovely Sirens ladies.
And the over-layers. It's getting cold!!!
Apologies for the poor picture quality. My little compact does pretty well, but does find low light difficult. I need a DSLR, right? (right!?)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Recipe for Murder

I just finished watching Recipe for Murder, a documentary about a series of Thallium poisonings that were perpetrated by women in the 1950s in Sydney. Scary stuff! Apart from the fascinating history, it has some great costumes in the recreated scenes and my very talented cousin Galya Kay did the graphic design (she painstakingly recreated all those newspaper shots). Australians can watch it for the next 13 days on ABC iView (sorry international folk, siully licencing laws mean you guys are barred from the ABC site streaming), but for those who are able, happy watching!


Hello dear readers! Apologies for my recent absence from the blog-o-sphere. Semester has caught up with me. Every time I think about getting out to take some photos I see the pile of marking on my desk, or the friendly reminder email from my supervisor, and think better of it.

I thought you might like to see some fruit of my archival digging. At the moment I am doing some research into the 1879 Sydney Exhibition. One of the fun boxes I happened across was full of ephemera: invitations, notes and postcards that some librarian once decided related to the exhibition and carefully catalogued. Some of these invitations are spectacularly decorated (like the one above), but there were also lots of curious and quirky invites, like the one below for the Art Society of NSW 'Smoke Night' (the idea of a Smoke Night itself is pretty amazing!).

 Isn't this Pears ad/sculpture souvenir hilarious!
And an incredibly elegant invitation to a Rugby game. This  was printed on really hard card and those are gold bevelled edges! Can you imagine receiving one of these for a Swans game these days?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Today I want to dedicate a post to my mother for mother's day. I am so lucky to be able to call such a strong, beautiful and inspiring woman my mother. She has always been an incredible role model, being strong willed and determined to reach the lofty goals she sets herself. She has also been a wonderful example in a world obsessed with beauty - never dying her hair, and rarely wearing make-up, she taught me early on that I am beautiful the way God made me. I have always looked up to her and will continue to admire her generous spirit and unwavering ambition.
Happy Mothers Day mum!

And just by the by - is this photo of mum with dad on his graduation day not the BEST thing you have ever seen?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Frolic in fur

Last night Ian and I went out to celebrate a good friends birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) and then popped off to a farewell party (FAREWELL and see you soonish!). I felt like getting dressed up - so that's what I did! I have only worn this dress once before, to my sister's wedding. It is a shame not to wear it more - I really need more formal occasions!

The fur coat is also one I haven't worn much. For a long time I felt a little weird about wearing fur. I love it - the feel of it, the warmth, the look - but politically I'm not so sure. Both the coat and the hat are old fur, so it is not like I am contributing to a current market for fur. Yet in wearing it I kind of am, because I'm promoting it. I still haven't really resolved this in my mind, but I know that I feel silly having fur coats rotting away in the back of my cupboard. I also feel like this is pretty clearly an old fur - the cut, the colour etc. - so perhaps that signifies to people that it is vintage. What are your thoughts?

And this is Ian's artistic 'Bec with fork' shot at dinner...
 Outfit details:
Dress - Retrospect in Newtown
Hat - PoppycockVintage on etsy
Shoes - Django and Juliette
Coat - gift from Stella

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I just wanted to share one of my recently finished projects - a knitted bear for my new nephew Benjamin. I used this free pattern which was super easy for a novice knitter like me. I made mine a little chubbier than they do in the photo, but I liked him better that way.

The most exciting part is seeing baby Benjamin with the bear! Isn't he adorable? He is now one month old.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Autumn sun and orange blossoms

These are the last few photos from out Easter trip. My camera batteries died after the bonfire, so we borrowed my friend's awesome DSLR for these and now I am sorely tempted to invest in one. The colours and the light so perfectly captured - warm and bright - even without camera know-how! I love my baby canon ixus, but maybe it is time to wade into the big kid's whirlpool and get serious?

This dress is one I picked up years ago at Vinnies, it is a few sizes too big and almost found its way into my market stall. I decided to wear it for one last hurrah before selling it, but remembered how comfy it is and got so many comments on the print, I decided to hold onto it for a little while longer.