Monday, April 11, 2011

Shiver Like Timber


Last weekend we went to see the gorgeous Shiver Like Timber play at World Bar. It was a great night with footpath-dumpling-dinner before the show. Betony was delightful as always and World Bar was quite an experience! It is a club in an old terrace house - someone said that made it feel like a wild house party that had just gone completely out of control. Georgia took these photos with her magic camera and awesome skills that means photos can happen at night in low light. I'm hoping to show you more of her photos in future posts!

I wore my Wheels and Doll Baby dress made of the most luxurious velvet :) I bought it for myself for my 21st birthday. I absolutely love it - but need to be feeling a little bit brave for the plunging neckline and figgure hugging cut!

Sorry I have been so slow at repsonding to comments this past week - work and life have kept me from the interweb, but I will checkout all your lovely blogs soon! Happy Monday :)


  1. Happy Monday to you too, my dear Rebeccak!!

  2. That looks like a beautiful dress, and a fun evening!


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