Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bonfire and Me

 In the evening we gathered around the bonfire for Easter eggs and marsh mellows. The fire was absolutely massive and totally mesmerizing. We starred into it for hours, taking breaks to gaze up at the stars. Pretty magical stuff really.
 A few weeks ago Emily of The Daily Fashionista tagged me for The Versetile Blogger Award. I have been slack in getting around to responding - sorry Emily and thanks for passing this on to me!
It asks me to share seven things about myself and pass the award on to seven bloggers I have recently discovered.
So here we go...
1. I started knitting a year ago and I am quickly becoming an obsessive knitter - I get withdrawals if I don't get a bit of knitting time each day!
2. I love that time of day just before the sun starts to sink and the light makes everything look warm and vibrant.
3. I eat mushrooms on toast every morning for breakfast. Yum!
4. I really love a capella music. I am totally amazing that a bunch of voices can make such awesome sounds - like The Idea of North!
5. I am an awful speller - as many of you may know from my comments on your blogs! My year 6 teacher wrote on my school report card 'Rebecca has creative spelling' - not much has improved since then. I am just so grateful that I live in a world with spell-check!
6. I love naps. There is nothing better than an afternoon snooze, and I am lucky enough to work at home a few days each week to indulge in after lunch siesta time!
7. I adore Pre-Raphaelite art, and wrote my honours thesis on two of may favorite painters - William Holman Hunt and Simeon Solomon. In fact I really ought to do a few more art posts!

I haven't really had time lately to discover new blogs - but perhaps if you have recently discovered mine you could shout out and claim the award youself :)


  1. hehee.. What a nice teacher you had. I like that comments "creative spelling". My parents were sticklers for spelling and grammar. I'm not sure if this is a word you use, but the word "ain't" is common in America for "is not" and my parents would threaten to put soap in my mouth if I said "aint"! hehe..

  2. Mmm, what a wonderful evening! I love bonfires! I used to love setting the marshmellows on fire so they melted on the inside. Nom nom nom!


  3. Such beautiful Pics Rebeccak, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I also love Pre-Raphaelite paintings so very much.

  4. Congrats on the Versatile Blogger award! And the bonfire look like such a fun night. The pictures perfectly capture the evening. Did you make s'mores? xx

  5. Love those facts! Bonfires are so wonderful, the smell of one is the best thing ever :D

  6. "Rebeca has creative spelling" was that deliberately ironic, or accidentally ironic?

  7. Mushrooms on toast makes a fine little meal. Mmm, love it :)


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