Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Writing Marathon

Last weekend I had an epic writing marathon in order to get my proposal to my supervisor this week. The good news is she was happy with it and has only a few minor amendments - so it is very nearly done! I can't WAIT to get into the archives and do the fun part now.
On Sunday afternoon Ian dragged me from my computer, insisting I get out of the house and check out the crazy surf that the wind had kicked up - so I took the opportunity to show you guys my 'writing uniform'. I have been wearing variations of this outfit for a week. The waves were pretty incredible too. We got flecks of water hitting us all the way at the top of the cliffs and I couldn't keep my eyes open in the wind!

 I have also been meaning to snap some pics of the amazing passion flowers that have just come out. Mum - that vine has more than doubled in size since you guys were here! I love passion flowers - they are like crazy looking aliens. And even better: they curl up and go to sleep at night. They are also a big feature in a lot of the Victorian art I adore because they are a Christian symbol of Christ's passion. At some level I understand that symbolism, but spotting these mad-frizzy-alien flowers in a serious biblical painting always seemed a bit odd.
 Outfit Details:
skirt - American Apparel
Top - Portmans
- Mango
Scarf - mum's
belt - vintage fair
pin - gift from Linda
bow - Ian's bow tie


  1. Each one of your posts almost tells a story and I love it. Keep up the adorable ensembles! <3

  2. Love the scarf!! You remind me of my violin, my 3/4 size use to wear that scarf when in its case :-)

  3. Beautiful photos!!!! the way you did your scarf is lovely!!! the hair bow is so cute!!!

  4. Looking great here! :) That scarf totally is marvellous.
    That flower is fun!

  5. What a delightful post my dear Rebeccak. I could spend hours in each and everyone of you pics. Thank you for this lovely present.

  6. I really miss a rough sea - give me the beach or seaside in the off-season any day over summer. I love the colours of your outfit ^U^

  7. i love your hair bow, and this location is gorgeous! thanks for your comment :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. You look lovely! It is really great to know that you are also writing a thesis. I spent all day putting the finishing touches on my rough draft. I can't believe I am going to be done in 1.5 months! Kind of frightening....What is your thesis about? I always love to hear what fellow students are writing about! xoxo

  9. Gorgeous "writing uniform" and lovely pictures. I can't get enough of the view of the houses by the water. :)

    Happy weekend!

  10. Beautiful pictures!!! you have a lovely blog! thanks for the visit ;)

  11. The passion flowers are amazing... I love those things! My writing outfit has been pretty repetitive too... although we had such nice weather that I got dressed up a few days!

  12. Those flowers are so cool!

  13. So good to hear about your RA work as well! I love having the opportunity to reflect on your own research while also exploring new work. I am from a background os social and personality psychology, with a specific focus on gender and sexuality. My thesis explores how young women of color negotiate sexuality and race in online venues (with specific focus to social networking). You work sounds so very interesting as well! I would love to read some of your thesis when you are done.


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