Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Jolly Holiday with Mary!

Why thank you Mr.Pussy-Cat! I discovered this little gem on the mirror in Vinnies in Maryborough. Unfortunately, not even the cute cat could convince me that brown dress in the background was working for me.

Maryborough is the town where P.LTravers, the woman who wrote Mary Poppins was born. So they have a few Poppins bits and pieces around the place. The town used to be a major port at the beginning of the 20thC, but is now a pretty small place with some lovely old buildings and pub grub.
 Practically perfect in every way!
 They also have a wonderful little military museum.
 Shhhh... the enemy has ears (not sure how that relates to safety matches - anyone care to enlighten me?)
 I was quite taken with the amazing military details, ornate embroidery, trimmings and piping. My next sewing project perhaps?
 These little gems were for sale at the local market. They are holograms. They are framed. There are dolphins. Need I say more?
 Till the wind changes... Poppins watches over the streets of Maryborough.


  1. The enemy has ears..
    I have ears..
    then I must be..! *cue dramatic soundtrack* THE ENEMY!

    That last poppins is very sweet - love the stylized shape of her :) the adornements on the military jacket are just amazing.

  2. I agree - the statue is very cool

  3. Mary Poppins. Military. Dolphins. All good things! (Mary Poppins is one of my sister and my all-time favourite stories and now I have a desire to go to Maryborough, especially to see that statue.

  4. whoa that military museum looks so awesome! And you can't really argue with hologram dolphins...that's for sure

  5. haha! "poppins bits." i love how you edited your face into that photo. and the details on the military jackets are lovely!! i wish i knew how to sew.

  6. wow. I love these!! hahahaha. you made me laugh. I love Mary Poppins. I need to read the other books (only read the first).

  7. Ah, Mary Poppins. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. And I've been enjoying your blog, too! I could easily bombard you with more comments, but I think I've left you enough for today ;)

  8. the WW1 or ww2 slogan is similar of that found on letters from that era , its to do with not refering to anything the enemy may use against us by casual rumour otr comment etc.

  9. Wow! Thanks Anonymous (I'm trying to guess if I know who you are!?)- that makes perfect sense.


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