Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Black and white turns grey

This week I am determined to finish a final draft of my thesis proposal. I have been huddled in cafes bent over my typed pages scratching in corrections and notes, attempting to reshape my words into a cohesive whole. But a proposal is a difficult beast. At some level I feel like it should be easy to write, because it is all me: my plans; my ideas; my reactions. And yet that is what makes it so hard! I read over the bits and pieces I wrote in fragments over the last year and get lost in all the different directions I could take - my pages of black and white turn into a big grey mush.

So here you have an outfit to reflect my mood - my new black and white dress nabbed in the recent Modcloth sale (and shipped here at light speed! Seriously - under a week!!), set in the grey rises of the grandstand by my house. I love the neatness of the horizontals and the wildness of the wind. It looks just like my writing feels at the moment: the proposal is such a regimented technical document, with templated subheadings that I am trying to make my own - speak my thoughts and reflect my inspiration. I find myself blowing in and out of the boundaries, messing them up, then trying to make them neat again.

Outfit details
dress - Modcloth
bag - Beacon's Closet
cardi - K-mart
tights - ? 
shoes - a gift from my wonderful brother


  1. You are dscribing life itself...
    Love your wonderful black and grey outfit.
    I hope all goes well, my dear Rebeccak.

  2. Oh boy. It sounds as if you need to take a break from the thesis to clear your mind. I know that thesis have deadlines, but sometimes it's worth it to re-evaluate your surroundings and just break away from writing for a while.

    And your dress is wonderful! I totally thought it was a vintage dress! And I love your black bag.

  3. Wow - what a gorgeous print :)

    Love your description of struggling with your thesis proposal and accompanying images. Attempting to put into words what I knew I wanted to say was always hell when writing project proposals. I'd have this vague feeling, this knowledge of what I had to say but it would dissipate the moment I started putting it into words. I'd reread and find the words had run away with me again.. rewrite and rewrite and.. ugh

    Well, I hope the grey mush turns into proper black on white for you soon :)

  4. Love, the composition in these photos, so, so lovely. AND that dress is fabulous (you've styled it beautifully), and I adore shopping at ModCloth, I'm addicted to their light speed shipping. xx veronika

  5. You look great, and I love that print. As for proposals... mine is in, but my head is exploding from a presentation now. I kind of want to crawl under a bench and cry a bit, but I'll refrain!

  6. I love the print of your dress!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. My modcloth purchase came super fast too! I was totally surprised because usually mail takes like 8 years to get up here! Such a great purchase though, I love the pattern and it looks so nice and flowy!

    Fingers crossed the snow will be gone by May. Every year though it gives one last snow right before june. It never fails!


  8. woww, finishing your proposal! go you! haha.

    p.s. i adorrrre this outfit; it's probably my favorite of yours so far (:

  9. Pretty dress! I hated writing my Masters thesis proposal. It was subpar at best. Plus I kind of veered away from some it once I actually got going on my actual thesis.

  10. really lovely outfit!!! i love the print!


  11. Beautiful shots! Modcloth dresses are just adorable!



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