Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Surprise (Part Two)

During the week I had snuck some of Ian's clothes into a bag and hid them in the car. After our walk, he assumed we must be heading home, but that's when I hit him with surprise destination no.2! A gorgeous B&B in Exeter named Clontarf. It is a stunning little place, with perfectly kept gardens and a completely awesome view of the countryside. Ian was totally gob-smacked! And once I had assured him that I had brought his toothbrush and clothes - he was also delighted. It was pretty fun being mischievous surprise lady.

This is the outfit I wore out to dinner that night (and a little crumpled from being secretly packed with such haste). I have had this silk dress for a while, but used to reserve it only for extra special occasions, because it is so fragile. This summer I decided that is really silly. It is so comfy and breezy - just perfect for those crazy hot days. No need to be too precious about these things! Dresses are made to be worn.

 This is Tipsy, Clontarf's resident pup who guarded our room through the night.

 Fairy tale views. Seriously! All this needs is: "and they lived happily ever after".
 For dinner we drove up to Berrima and wandered around some of their historic sites. Believe it or not, the building behind me here is a gaol. The sign out front said it is fully operational. Of course! When I think gaol I immediately thing: sweet rose garden and grand stone entrance way! Don't you?

Right over the road is the historic courthouse (now a museum). We were quite impressed by the efficiency of having these two buildings so close to each other.
 Some details - I just adore the detail on this dress.

Outfit details:
Dress: Fleur Wood (factory sale)
Cardigan: SES
Belt: Vintage
Bow: Ian's bow tie
Shows: Django and Juliette

I couldn't resist posting this photo too - don't you think Ian looks like a shop keeper you might see in one of those old photo albums that feature "people and their work"?


  1. I adore your dress, and all the details in it. You are a true fairy princess. i always get a lot of inspiration from your outfit posts.

  2. Your dress is to die for :) Love how you styled it - gorgeous photos too.

    You're quite the adventurer preparing an elaborate surprise like this :D

  3. What an absolutely lovely dress! The detailing is WONDERFUL. Beautiful photographs as well my dear. xoxo

  4. your shoes!!! and all of these pictures!!! they are so beautiful. i looove your blog, wow. definitely following! (:

  5. I love the way the bottom of this dress looks.

  6. oh, my goodness that dress is amazing! Really, I let out a little "gasp" when I saw it. It's beautifully put together love the green belt + shoes. So lovely! xx veronika


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