Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Surprise! (Part One)

This weekend was Ian's and my 6th anniversary. It being an even year (or odd depending on which way you look at it), it was my turn to organise the celebratory event (we take turns - although neither of us can remember what we did last year - anyone else remember?). I decided to surprise him, so I told him we were just popping out for lunch and set the GPS to guide us to a secret surprise location...

Once we were about an hour out of Sydney, he figured we weren't just having lunch.

I had programmed  the GPS location and named it "surprise", just in case he glimpsed the name. What I didn't realise was that when we were pulling up to our destination, Widget (we named our GPS), said "now arriving at SUR-PRISE". Aww... Widget - you know just what to say!

At surprise destination no. 1 we stopped for lunch and got up to stretch our legs and play around the picturesque faux well.

Then went for a wander around Carrington Falls. Isn't is magnificent? If you look carefully at the top of the falls, there are people swimming, which - apart from being an incredibly scary place to take a dip - gives you some sense of the scale!

  We traipsed through the Drumsticks (I love the silly names we give plants!).

Yes Ian was there too (just in case you needed photographic proof).

Then we rewarded ourselves with delicious scones at the Old Cheese factory - yum! I will tell you about the rest of the weekend in Parts Two and Three.... stay tuned.
I wore a simple comfy driving/walking outfit:

Skirt- from an amazing sale on Tulle (and at long last hemmed by me)
top - supre
belt - vintage
shoes - rubi shoes (ridiculously cheap in all senses of the word, they are falling apart after 2 wears!)


  1. hehe sounds like a great day at sur-prise :)

    My parents GPS used to get rightous angry when they didn't do as told. There was daggers in her voice as she proclaimed "you have left the route!!!" and some amount of grimness to her "recalculating.."

  2. Congrats on your 6th anniversary. How fantastic to make something really special on that day. Love the look of those scones, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. aww how wonderful! Congratulations to you two.


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