Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lazy weekend

 I had a super lazy weekend reading the paper, visiting cafes, napping and wandering through markets. 
This dress is one I wore last week. I bought it for a song at a Vinnies about a year ago (and writing this makes me wish you could actually buy something for a song - just imagine standing at the counter at Coles and crooning at the check-out chick/bloke?! It'd be amazing!). The dress has been in my "to dye" pile, because it has a few blotchy stains on the back. But I decided to be a grub and wear it anyway. And guess what? No one seemed to notice1 I guess it might survive a few more wears before it becomes blue (what do you think?) or red? rose?

Today I'm off to visit my grandma - see you when I'm back!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Shoes: Django & Juliette


  1. I think your dress is beautiful just the way it is...You look like an angel in it.
    love your photos so much. Do you take them yourself????
    Thank you for liking my jumper. As your dress, it was kept in a trunk until the other day that i decided to give it another chance.

  2. A need a Lazy weekend! you look fabulous in these pictures!!! :)



  3. Oh my, the whole sillhouette is gorgeous but that collar and the button down back are giving me "ooooh" face. You know, that face some people make at puppie dogs.
    I wonder whether the pretty flower stitching will dye as well or stay it 's current colour? It'll be gorgeous either way I am sure. I think the dress looks amazing on you as is but blue sounds great too. I never worry about small stains. If people have to stare to see them they bloody well shouldn't be staring so rudely ;)

  4. There's nothing quite like a lazy weekend! p.s. I adore the collar on your dress! And the colour too! x www.lostinthehaze.com

  5. sounds like such a great weekend!! that color looks great on you

  6. oh goodness this is so romantic and these shots and location. . . .perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in awe. This is even better than the last outfit I was inspired by just a couple days ago!!! woah.

  7. You have beautiful photos and i loove your dress. Take a look at my blog: http:ciocolataneagra.blogspot.com

  8. These are so beautiful and delicate! And the color looks perfect on you!


  9. I love the dress and I love that it's yellow (but am such a sucker for yellow dresses in general). Can't you save it some other way than by changing its colour? I think it looks lovely with you hair!

  10. This dress is so perfect! I love all the photo angels you've chosen, it really gives a classic vintage feel.

  11. All the details on this dress make it so unique-- that collar! And the embroidered flowers! I like it just as it is, the yellow is so sunny and happy.


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