Friday, February 11, 2011

The Latest Sewing Project

I recently made this burgundy skirt to try to fill the burgundy-skirt-size hole in my wardrobe. It turned out pretty well, except I used some crappy cheap "I'm pretending to be linen" synthetic fabric I had in my stash that insists on being crumpled looking. Would  you believe I ironed it moments before I took these photos? Agg! So frustrating!!! If anyone has any handy hints on how to get this fabric to behave, I would very much appreciate them.

Ian snapped these photos in my favourite cafe, called Cafe Ella in Redfern. They make great coffee, and  simple, generous meals. Plus, they don't seem to mind too much when I spend half the day there bashing out a paper on my laptop.

Outfit details:
skirt - made by me
top - thrifted
cardi - SES
tights - Alannah Hill
shoes - Django and Juliette
Bag - Glebe markets


  1. Love the colour of that skirt. Your sweater is rahter lovely too - can't resist them when they tie like that :)

    re your comment: Congrats! And yes, Cambridge really teaches you how to pile things on to a pushbike. I've even seen people cycle matresses and wall mirrors around :)

  2. Fabulous skirt, love the colour, and the fact that you made it. I adore your bag, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a wonderful weekenf my friend.


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