Thursday, February 3, 2011

Late Afternoon Dip

One of the great things about house-sitting is living near the beach. Today was an absolute scorcher - I felt like my brain was melting out through my ears every time I ducked out of the air-con. So after work Ian and I popped down to the beach for an evening dip. I love the beach in the late afternoon. The evil-burny sun has clocked off, but has left the water warm. Bliss.

I have been wearing this  '50s suit a bit this summer. The top has bullet-shaped cups, which I love, but it takes FOREVER to dry. The whole Lycra-invention-thing is pretty amazing when it comes to swimmers. So, no, I did not wet myself  in the photo below (Ian is sitting behind me cheering 'wet-yourself! wet-yourself!'), but this must just be life pre-Lycra.

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  1. I was missing your posts so much that i decided to tell you, and here you are.
    Crazy world: half of it freezing and the other half boling . hehehehe.
    I am so glad to have you back yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh


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