Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Colour block

 I recently re-watched The September Issue and I guess I had their 'colour block' shoot in my head when I got dressed, because I don't often do such bold blocks of colour.

This dress was once baby blue. I bought it from the Brooklyn flea a couple of years ago. when I got it home and into my waredrobe I realised I had half a dozen baby blue dresses, of a similar shape. So one day whenn I was dyeing a skirt wine-colour, becuase I had spilt wine on it, I dyed this dress too. I did it over the stove in an old saucepan, stiring it for 30mins and have been pretty pleased with the results! The buttons are covered in fabric, so they dyed in perfectly too.

I have a few dresses that are in a pile to be dyed - would anyone be interested in a tutorial?

dress - Brooklyn flea market
cardigan - SES
belt - vintage
shoes - Clarke's originals

1 comment:

  1. I am crazy in love with this colour combination! Daring and gorgeous!

    Certainly interested in a dying guide :)

    Happy weekend :D


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