Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cliff Tops

Last night Ian and I wandered along the cliff tops and down to the beach for dinner. I have walked that path a zillion times, but the view is always different. It is really just sea and sky - but the colours change from greens to blues to greys and the sea swirls and calms in to any number of shapes and textures.

Today I am back to work, which is exciting and overwhelming. I have a whole bunch of tasks that have hung over from last year. First on the list is to write up the paper I presented in Wagga Wagga. Rosie has been keeping herself accountable by posting a sentence from her day's work - which I will try out myself today. So expect a sentence later tonight!

 blouse - portmans
skirt - glebe markets
cardigan - MNG
belt - vintage fair
shoes - Clarke's originals
bag - girft from Stella


  1. This is so pretty. Lovely lady!!! I love the solid witht he stripes.

  2. It looks great up on the cliff top! I'm a big fan of cliffs...and I like your striped skirt.

    Ugh, that idea of posting a line sounds like a good one. It reminds me that I should stop procrastinating...

  3. I think we have a comon love for Nicole: Fashion Forestry, so I came to see you and your blog, and I love it.
    Let´s keep in touch. I will be back.


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