Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Trocadero Dance Palace

Last night Ian and I ventured into Sydney c.1955 and went along to the Trocadero Dance Palace. 'The Troc' was a dance hall that opened in the '30s and was the place to catch the best big bands, or dance with the finest dance partners in Sydney. This year, Sydney Festival re-created the Dance Palace in the Town Hall with an amazing all female big band - Sirens - some incredible dancers and spectacular aerial performers. It was an amazing show. There is a cheesy, but cute video about it here.
EDIT - just found another great video here with some footage of the original Trocadero.

I decided to embrace the Sydney summer vibe and go floral. This dress is not vintage - but the cool cotton was very much appreciated on the dance floor. I pin-curled my hair - in fact, I wore my pin-curls under a scarf to the gym that morning and got a few funny looks! They came out really well! I followed this tutorial and found it helpful.

 The night started with a mass swing dancing class. It was seriously MASSIVE - 500 people doing hand-to hand Charleston. Doesn't it look like a rave? Those are star-grabs en-mass.
 The Sirens Big Band - who were led by the totally incredible Dan Barnett and featured singer Lanie Lane.
Areal performers suspended from the ceiling of the Town Hall -  just magical!
Singer Lanie Lane with the professional dancers who were mind-blowingly amazing.

We had such a good time - even though we could only remember two or three of our swing-steps (we are now REALLY good at those few!). Now I just wish it were a more regular event!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday's Sentence

"Viewing the designs of British manufacturers side by side their French and German competition, made it alarmingly clear to the British that their designs were of inferior quality."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cliff Tops

Last night Ian and I wandered along the cliff tops and down to the beach for dinner. I have walked that path a zillion times, but the view is always different. It is really just sea and sky - but the colours change from greens to blues to greys and the sea swirls and calms in to any number of shapes and textures.

Today I am back to work, which is exciting and overwhelming. I have a whole bunch of tasks that have hung over from last year. First on the list is to write up the paper I presented in Wagga Wagga. Rosie has been keeping herself accountable by posting a sentence from her day's work - which I will try out myself today. So expect a sentence later tonight!

 blouse - portmans
skirt - glebe markets
cardigan - MNG
belt - vintage fair
shoes - Clarke's originals
bag - girft from Stella

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Colour block

 I recently re-watched The September Issue and I guess I had their 'colour block' shoot in my head when I got dressed, because I don't often do such bold blocks of colour.

This dress was once baby blue. I bought it from the Brooklyn flea a couple of years ago. when I got it home and into my waredrobe I realised I had half a dozen baby blue dresses, of a similar shape. So one day whenn I was dyeing a skirt wine-colour, becuase I had spilt wine on it, I dyed this dress too. I did it over the stove in an old saucepan, stiring it for 30mins and have been pretty pleased with the results! The buttons are covered in fabric, so they dyed in perfectly too.

I have a few dresses that are in a pile to be dyed - would anyone be interested in a tutorial?

dress - Brooklyn flea market
cardigan - SES
belt - vintage
shoes - Clarke's originals

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve

Happy New Year! I spent new years eve with a wonderful bunch of friends at home. We wandered up the hill nearby for some firework watching. I was pretty blown away - magical shapes and colours all set to music. I feel really lucky to live in such a beautiful city.
The picture above is from the SMH, because at night, my poor little camera does this:
It is a crazy laughing Haidee-monster!!!
We had a BBQ by the light of citronella candles and insect repellent.
While Raph took photos on his Lego camera (is this not the coolest camera you've ever seen??!!)
...And ate magnificent chocolate cake that Glen had made - to celebrate the world's birthday!  Happy New year!