Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Neighbour

Meet Josh. (Hi Josh!!) He is the bestest neighbourhood cat I could wish for. He is beautiful and so friendly and pretty cheeky too! I took this photo while we were making dinner. Josh came along to say hello - but was told he wasn't allowed to come inside. So he sat on the mat, looking just a little bit dejected. But then every so often he would creep a sneaky paw over the threshold and flash a cheeky grin when he got caught. What a trickster.

*edit* I just asked Ian to read this and  check my grammar - and he cannot stopped saying "OOOhhhh noooo....hideous ugly creature... hehehe. It appears we may not all agree on just how amazingly awesome Josh is.

I am racing to get my conference paper ready for next week and have had no time (or brain-space) to post. But I have come across some pretty awesome things in the archives this week, so get ready for some rad history posting action.

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1 comment:

  1. When Josh was born he fell down the stairs on his face, which is why he does not have a nose. When he opens his mouth it looks a bit like this:

    I don't like Josh.


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