Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello! And Merry Christmas/Happy holidays! I just got back from a lovely Christmas weekend with Ian's family. I never had Christmas as a child, so it is pretty exciting to be invited in to experience the festive season with Ian's family. It kind of feels like cheating, to get presents when it is not your birthday, but very fun cheating. 

 On Christmas eve we drove up the mountains, into the mist and the freezing cold.

 Then stopped at a picturesque little park for some outfit photos - I wore my 'christmas-wrapping-paper' dress and stole Ian's santa hat for the pictures (and the warmth!).

 I love this little gathered detail at the bust, making it into a sweet-heart neckline. I might have to try making a bodice like this some time.

We arrived to a beautiful tree and tonnes of incredible fruit that Ian's mum picked up on the Great North Road. The house smelt like a mixture of pine, mangos and peaches - yum!
 Christmas day we woke up and assembled for presents! We got Chester a chew toy - Ian helped him unwrap it and the poor darling got all tuckered out chasing it around the house. I recieved a whole bunch of things I have been wanting for a while -books etc - and a lovely scarf that will make an appearance in photos soon,
Then the feast!! Ian's dad barbequed a whole turkey, with a duck stuffing. It was pretty incredible!! 
Some afternoon knitting - and my Christmas outfit. I decided to go all out red and green. You have seen the kilt and silk cravat before here - the shirt is from china town markets aggeess ago.
 When we thought we could eat no more... there was fruit salad that looked like sparkling jewels in the crystal bowls. Then we popper our crackers, donned our hats and played Baldderdash into the night. Such a lovely relaxed Christmas - I hope yours was as well!

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  1. I love your Christmas wrapping paper dress! It kind of reminds me of "A Partridge in a Pear Tree." : )


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