Monday, November 22, 2010

A Sunday by the Sea

New Hair!! Last week I got my hair cut a little shorter and dyed it for the first time ever! It is a pretty subtle change, but exciting to try something new!

Yesterday we ventured down to the harbour and clambered onto a ferry with gazillions of other people to get to Manly. I wore a skirt I inherited from my mum. It has a matching top - she used to wear to parties in the 70s. It is a pretty magic shape - and what a print!

I always try to take a parasol when we head out in the sun. My skin was really not made for Sydney and it's evil ozone hole. I burn WITH sun cream. It is horrendous. This parasol is one I brought back from Cambodia a few years ago. It has phoenix(es?) and dragons!

 This is a what I looked like to Caiti through her magical sun glasses. I like it! I can't wait to get a bit more red into my locks.

The ever-photogenic Sophia looking like summer on the ferry. I think this is a ready-made Ad campaign - just need to add a slogan.

We got to Holly's place, lounged in her garden, ate a BBQ lunch and drank fake Coronas. Caiti made the most incredible mini cheese cakes. What could be better than adorable AND delicious?

 Eventually we got back on a ferry...
 And went back to the city. Gosh Sydney - you are pretty stunning. Check out the guy who was next to us on the boat: he is wearing a sailor hat!! Ian was impressed/jealous. It was kind of amazing.
 Obligatory tourist shot.

And Ice cream!! It was such a gorgeous day with wonderful people. Now back to work!

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