Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prom Night on Planet Earth

This weekend I put on my party dress for 'Prom Night on Planet Earth'. The party people responsible for this one are known for some pretty amazing themes - Zombies vs Geeks, Nautical Noir, The Pope Party - So I tried to cook up something good.

The dress is an '80s monstrosity I thrifted a year ago for an '80s themed night. It is pretty special! The best thing about it, is the label inside that says "Polyester/Foil: This is a luxury fabric please follow instructions carefully". Oh yes - I love a good luxury foil. The hat was my craft-a-noon project, inspired by a 50s topper and mixed with some alien chic (or so I thought anyway).

All dressed up I was ready for the Prom. Unfortunately my date was afflicted with post-wisdom tooth extraction pain and left me flying solo (poor boy!)
I arrived to a terrace transformed! Pete made the lounge room floor into a school gym and Karl had gone wild with the streamers!
I love how this photo managed to capture Holly's feet... but her body must still be materializing from another planet.

 Amy and Raph beamed in, ready for action.

 Soph and Rob brought sophistication and sparkle. (check out the corsage!!)

 The ever stunning Holly - reminded me of this song - such a glamorous alien.
 Gazillion balloons for prom goodness.
Alex and Haidee looking pretty excited for the big night! (I really wish I had been around to see Alex ride his bike home in this)

And a few more photos of yours truly! It was a night for every space-girl and boy to remember.


  1. Alex changed to go home. i gave him hell for it. Told him to ride home side saddle like we do! haha.

  2. OHH! Your hair is so great!



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