Saturday, November 20, 2010

Musical Diversity

I have been playing clarinet since I was a wee little thing. I haven't really played very much in the last few years, until some friends formed the Inner West Community Band this year. It has been great fun - I think I forgot how much I enjoy music. That is a picture of my clarinet - Hermione - say hello!

Last night was our end of year concert 'Musical Diversity'. I tried to record it for you guys, but haven't quite worked out how to upload the files here. In the meantime - have a listen to the soundbites on the website. I play second clarinet with Maddy (when we are not giggling at our mistakes and squeaks) listen hard for us!

 This is my god mother Linda, who also plays clarinet in the band, which is pretty rad. She only picked it up a few years ago and it already a pretty top player.
Apologies for the crappy picture quality. My camera doesn't like night or darkness. We rehearse (and perform) in a converted church (hence the cross). The building itself is pretty amazing. It has the most incredible ornate stone facade. I will have to post some pictures sometime.
That's me in the second row of clarinets - check out the new hair! Proper photos of that coming soon :)

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