Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goodbye, Farewell

This weekend Ian and I moved house. I can't say I enjoyed a weekend of packing, moving and cleaning, but we were really lucky to have my dad and Ian's folks around to help.It all went surprisingly smoothly. I am determined to keep up the momentum and get our new place organised asap! I will have to give you a sneak peaks as it emerges from the dust and boxes.

I persuaded a very tired Ian to take some photos as we did the final 'clean-for-our-bond' and spent our last moments together in our first apartment. I was not looking particularly glamorous (eek banged-up bruised legs!), but this little romper made me feel like a cross between Pippi Longstockings and a super-hero house mover. It was pretty great.

Goodbye cute art deco details, high ceilings and reading in the sun room, farewell 42a... We will miss you!

romper - from funkomavintage (etsy)
t-shirt - supre
shoes - wittner
head scarf - thrifted
super attractive key-necklace - my keys on a ribbon (born out of the combination of no pockets and a desire not to get locked out while weighed down with boxes.)


  1. Careful with those keys - I reckon you could make a duplicate set from that photo :-)

    I particularly like the shot of Ian through the glass!

  2. Hi Rebecca!

    How's your Nanowrimo project going? Would love to hear from you over on the blog if you get the chance!

    Andrea x

  3. Only you would look this cute when moving house! Love it ♥


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