Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday Flowers

 Ian informs me that my last post was  very boring and that I need to put up some pictures. So here we go... pictures!!

Yesterday Ian got his wisdom tooth out in the city. So I met him afterwards and we went on a quest for jelly and custard. We passed the new Westfield shopping centre and noticed a lot of the shops had put up some fancy displays for the opening. How amazing is this floral arch outside the shoe store? Real lilies and dancing lady orchids!

And below - one of the incredible Jacarandas on campus at the moment. Just magical this time of year!


  1. wow the weather must be so perfect right now there.

  2. The Jacaranda is very beautiful, but still somehow reminds me of exams!! And in particular, seeing the blooms was the hint that I should have started studying already.

  3. Only a shop full of shoes could make her smile so...

  4. I LOVE jacaranda trees. My parents have one in their front yard, but it never gets quite that intense.


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