Sunday, October 3, 2010

Workin' for the people

Since going to Rosie's WIP* last week I have been thinking (dangerous,  I know). Rosie is writing her doctorate on style blogs and her talk was really thought-provoking. Up till now I have happily played in the blogosphere, content to mindlessly wander through images, skimming the odd word here or there. But, in the last week I have started deconstructing each post I read, thinking about how it might contribute to the medium of style blogging: what is the 'brand' here; the implications there; how is this post constructed?

Then I stumbled upon this little gem of a post at Garance Dore's well frequented blog. Garance describes Anna Dello Russo:

"eccentric, adorable, appeared on The Sartorialist for the first time in 2006 and since became a fashion superstar via the Internet.

And now, she’s got a blog, she bbms, she tweets, responds to 15,000 interviews at the same time, she is premiering her own perfume line and she has so much fun with this whole new starlet career that we’ve given her."**
then goes on to to describe the incredible amount of work Anna goes to remain so fabulous - changing outfits several times a day, working out for 2hrs each day etc etc. Gaahh!! Just reading that was enough to make me feel like taking a nap. Now, not all bloggers who blog for a living feel the need to go to these extremes. Although many of them have other jobs - as photographers, artists, writers - and their blog is used as another avenue to make people aware of their work. If Anna is an example to go by, it seems that working as a blogger and truly working for the people is like working for the man x 1000!*** I might just get back to my thesis then, shall I? At least my computer is happy for me to be in my PJs all day.

* WIP stands for Work In Progress, and it takes every ounce of self control I have not to write whip - let's analyse that one another time.
** Don't you love the way Garance takes credit for her rise to fame? It is probably well warranted - but still...
*** I just want you to realise that I am using Garance's famed Astrix form here - yep that's right and I'm telling you about it too.

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