Friday, October 15, 2010

Woo hoo!

This week Ian passed the test and got his licence! It is so exciting to finally have a car (and a chauffeur). We had pancakes to celebrate. This is Ian's portrait of me in a pancake - I am pretty happy.


  1. Congratulations! To both of you :-) When are you going to visit? I'd quite like pancakes, can you do a non-dairy version?

  2. haha! Love this! Making me want pancakes even though I don't like them!
    Love your blog :D

    Ayesha x

  3. Love your blog!! Please visit or follow mine:)

  4. what a beautiful portrait! and it's edible too :D well done to ian (:
    (and i've since put up more photos, still neat though ;) )


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